Channelled Images by Zahara Celestial ~ Elizabeth Rudwick


Some things people are saying about Elizabeth's Workshops Groups Teaching.....

"Its been absolutely mind blowing epic. Elizabeth is powerful, inspiring woman/entity. She holds space for us all, whilst bringing us together in Unity Love and Light. Thank you.'' Natasha

"Elizabeth is a. Brilliant Teacher. This is the second workshop I have attended. She is very dedicated, professional with powerful energies'' Suzanne

"Always very Beautiful and Special. I love Elizabeth's Gong Baths'' Stefanie

"I was truly taken aback after the first session of the amazing healing gong bath.

The transformation was instant and I knew straight away it was down to the vibrations both from Elizabeth's voice, the light language and the gong and bowls."  Bo 

"Fabulous Elizabeth held space beautifully. Lots of her own wisdom shared which felt so relevant to me'' Jessica

"Very good course. Elizabeth has a refreshing approach. Acknowledging all aspects of Spiritual Experience are

possible. No one is wrong in what they believe feel or experience'' Leon

"Thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted profoundly from the Course. Elizabeth has an amazing voice and her healing is powerful and magical.'' S.B

"Elizabeth is Wonderful! The real thing!" Jo

"Very engaging and interesting. Diverse working materials. Very kind and compassionate atmosphere. 

Sensitive to all the people's Journey's in the room'' Artiom

''Amazing experience. Unbelievable loved every class. Want to do it every week. Thank you'' Zoe

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List of Events Workshops in order of Date


Sounds of Light - Channelled Sounding with Gong and Healing Instruments of Bowl Chime Drum Venue CLEAN BREAK LONDON SEE MAP BELOW


Channelled Sounding Lightlanguage  

With Sedna Gong

Healing Sound Instruments  



5TH JUNE for FULL MOON on 16th June

20th JUNE for NEW MOON on 2nd July

4th JULY for FULL MOON on 16th July

Each Sounding will be different depending on who attends, where we are in our individual and group Journey, which Guides are called and the specific phase of the Moon in the Solar Year. The Guides will make up a Council of Light called to support the specific Evening of Transformation and Healing.

Children Welcome if they are able to be still relaxed and respectful of the Sacred Space.

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For The School of Intuition and Healing 

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Clean Break - Kentish Town

2 Patshull Road Kentish Town 



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Clean Break Map

New Earth Gathering

Summer Solstice in Glastonbury


We invite you to come to the New Earth Gathering in Glastonbury over the Summer Solstice 20-23 June.
Come and co-create, dance, sing, play, hug, network, love and have fun together with us as we gather in commUnity. 

Soul Star- sisters and brothers Co-creating One Field of love.
One Heart, One Mind, One Soul, One Love.
You will find Divine people sharing gifts for Gaia and Humanity. 

See the website below to access Free Grifts Special Offers 

And to Book for 1 day or More

Directions to Glastonbury from London takes approximately 3 1/2 to 5 1/2 hours depending on route

 If traveling via Public Transport via London you would take train from London Paddington Station.

London Paddington Station to Bristol Temple Meads and take the 376 bus 

London Paddington Station to Castle Cary station and order a taxi.

London Paddington to Bath Station and take the 403 coach to Glastonbury


Travelling via Coach from London Hammersmith Bus Station or Victoria Coach Station to Glastonbury

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Voices of the Light Tribe Interview

All images by Zahara Celestial / Elizabeth Rudwick