Images by Elizabeth Rudwick


Some things people are saying about Elizabeth's Workshops Groups Teaching.....

"Its been absolutely mind blowing epic. Elizabeth is powerful, inspiring woman/entity. She holds space for us all, whilst bringing us together in Unity Love and Light. Thank you.'' Natasha

"Elizabeth is a. Brilliant Teacher. This is the second workshop I have attended. She is very dedicated, professional with powerful energies'' Suzanne

"Always very Beautiful and Special. I love Elizabeth's Gong Baths'' Stefanie

"I was truly taken aback after the first session of the amazing healing gong bath.

The transformation was instant and I knew straight away it was down to the vibrations both from Elizabeth's voice, the light language and the gong and bowls."  Bo 

"Fabulous Elizabeth held space beautifully. Lots of her own wisdom shared which felt so relevant to me'' Jessica

"Very good course. Elizabeth has a refreshing approach. Acknowledging all aspects of Spiritual Experience are

possible. No one is wrong in what they believe feel or experience'' Leon

"Thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted profoundly from the Course. Elizabeth has an amazing voice and her healing is powerful and magical.'' S.B

"Elizabeth is Wonderful! The real thing!" Jo

"Very engaging and interesting. Diverse working materials. Very kind and compassionate atmosphere. 

Sensitive to all the people's Journey's in the room'' Artiom

''Amazing experience. Unbelievable loved every class. Want to do it every week. Thank you'' Zoe

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List of Events Workshops in order of Date

Upcoming Dates in March

March 2nd Saturday - Sounding Circle

March 6th Wednesday - Sounds of Light 

March 20th Wednesday - Zoom FREE

March 21st Thursday - Sounds of Light

March 31st Sunday - Southampton - Celestial Sounds Spiritual Heartbeats and Shamanic Voices


London Venues

Clean Break

2 Patshull Road Kentish Town 



Google Map in Link Below

Clean Break

Highgate Library Civic & Cultural Centre

Children's Corner Croftdown road

Near Highgate Cemetery 

London NW5 1HB

Google Map in Link Below



Sounds of Light - Twice a Month Evenings Full & New Moon Venue CLEAN BREAK


Channelled Singing with Gong 

Healing Sound Instruments  

Every Full and New Moon

7pm  ~ Exchange £15 

Clean Break Kentish Town London

The School of Intuition and Healing

April Sounds of LIght 

 will be held at different Location

Highgate Library Civic Cultural Centre

And part of Workshops. See below

Sounds of LIght January to March. May to July. Spetember to December held at 

The School of Intuition and Healing

Clean Break Kenitsh Town

Each Sounding will be different depending on who attends, where we are in our individual and group Journey, which Guides are called and the specific phase of the Moon in the Solar Year. The Guides will make up a Council of Light called to support the specific Evening of Transformation and Healing. Removing releasing blocks patterns and Activations to assist in further Awakening to our fullest potential.

Children Welcome if they are able to be still relaxed and respectful of the Sacred Space.

Click the link below to find out more and purchase tickets either for each event or the whole series. 

For The School of Intuition and Healing 

See Link Below


Sacred Sounding Group - Monthly Venue HLCCC



For all Ages Gender


6:45PM to 8:15pm


Highgate Library Civic Cultural Centre Croftdown Road London NW5 1HB



A Circle to explore expand experiment Channelling in Movement Sound Voice with Frame Drums.

No Prior Experience needed nor Drum. 

The Space will be held for Heart Opening with the Drum Beating to the Resonance of all our Hearts of all Light Beings.

The Sounding will be Organic Intuitive. Come and soak up the Healing Vibrations and Journey. Feel the Divine Connections in Sacred Circle.

The Evening will start with a short Guided Meditation to leading to the Drumming Sounding.

Venue and Time:  

6:45pm to 8:15pm - Highgate Library Civic Cultural Centre - Croftdown Road NW5 1HB London 





Free Live Zoom Journey

Zoom Journey with the Arcturian's - Saturday 9th March

Invitation to join A Live Zoom online Call with the Acturians. 

Saturday 9th March 7pm GMT London. 

The Arcturians are Ascended Light Beings who orginated on Arcturia.  They are humanoid Beings with High Intelligence and Vibrate at 9+ Dimension. So they do not have 3D bodies like us Human Beings. The higher the Vibration the more closer the connection to Source. Each Dimension Vibrates with the different Resonance and are part of the main Divine Creative Expression. Like Rainbow colours endlesssly weaving the Divine Tapestry of the Cosmos. 

The Arcturians have chosen to be of service to support Gaia includiing Human Beings Acension above 3D and 4D to a way of being that is in an Awareness of Peace Love. Some call this 'New Earth' some Crystalline Conscousness. The Arcturiasn have unique gifts. Many people are feeling their presence and also feel that they themslves had soul lives as Arcturian. 

I work very closely with the Arcturians and the message was sent to me from the Arcturians for those called to be holders of a network/Grid to support the ongoing Shift to Higher frequency of 9D+. The word that was downloaded was 'Temple' as we are all of us Temples within Temples. Sacred Vessels for the Sound Resonances of Divine to Sing. The Temples within Temples are held within our Bodies DNA. We are resonators for the Divine Codes. Held within our Voices Soul Notes Singing the Divine Songs of Gaia and Other Celestial Bodies. 

This will be a free Call where I will channel for the Acturians to support the clearing of old scripts/patterns/beliefs/chords/Karma which are raising at this time to be released ready for the completion of the 7 year cycle at the Unity Gateway of Spring Equinox.
So many of you might have been witnessing in ourselves and each other 'hot headed' emotional layers coming up manifesting in strongly held views opinions even leading to arguments. Deep seated 3D/Matrix energies of separation and polarisation. 

The Arcturians are highly skilled at releasing old mental programming. Of clearing the pathways. Uniting what we describe as 'male' and 'female' sides of our brain. They support in bringing in objectivity compassion and clarity. Helping clearing CORE Karmic Chords. Because of this they work closely with Archangel Michael - Metatron and the Akashic Resonance Keepers and Celestial Whale Star Mappers

They can enable us to experience the Higher Heart with Higher Mind Unity Consciousness. The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within us all.
In my experience the Arcturians are profound LOVE conductors.
Also part of this Call will be and is clearing the Pineal Gland which anchors our ability to connect with the Vision of the Unity Consciousness and the Multi-Dimensional Experience.

I do hope you can join me and the Arcturians!
After the Channeling Journey there will be an opportunity for everyone to share Light Language if called.

Zoom Link

Click on the Link for the LIVE Call. 

No need to join it is free. 

And you will be sent a Recording of the Live Call. 


Spring Equinox Free Facebook Live

20th March - 6:15pm GMT FACEBOOK LIVE with Elizabeth Rudwick and Denise Chadwick

Facebook LIVE with Denise Chadwick on SPRING EQUINOX Wednesday 20th 6:15pm to 6:45pm.
Channelled Light Language Activation.

The Rainbow Bridge of Manifestation that literally embodies the Divine Vibrational Codes stored in our DNA.
Resonating with the Divine Song of All Creation.
That vibrates with our Diverse Soul Essences.
We are all the Rainbow Bridges Heart to Unity Heart of Central Sun.
Supporting ourselves each other to Shift.
Embrace a Lighter Richer Creation.

Spring Equinox of Equal light and dark.
Where the Polarisation of 3D/Matrix System can be dissolved.
Where we can experience the Unity Consciousness.

Spring Equinox the Still Point. The Cross Roads. The Pause between the Breathes. The eternal moment of choice giving us the possibility to see beyond our limited mind.
And take the Rainbow Bridge to the beyond connecting to Gaia the Portal of the not just New Earth but New Universes.

Spring Equinox Completion of the 7 Year Ascension Arc 2012 to 2019. We will be embarking on another chapter.
We are all being called to our Heart Reunion.

We will call on
The Source Platinum Ray Vibration of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in Unity. Ultimate Purity. Harmony. Clarity.
The Red and White Rose -Christos Mother Mary Mary Magdalene.
Diamond Light Vibrations.
The Dragons who are being birthed and Awakening our Kundalini and Divine Source Sophia Codes.
The Whales the StarCodes Keepers - help us find our way.

We will call on
Ascended Masters Ascended Guides
Deities Angelic Ones
Nature Elemental Guides of Gaia and other Celestial Lands
StarSeed Families
Wise Elder Ancient Ones
Inner Cities Crystalline Heart of Gaia
Remembering that we are Sacred our Bodies are Temples of Love Divine

Hope you can join us be a full 30minutes!


StarSeed Remembering

Live Group Call on Zoom - 1st April 7pm

April 1st Monday – StarSeed Remembering - 

Journey to the Celestial Pyramid of Light on Telos 


Would you like to remember your Soul StarSeed Origin. 

Feel that connection of being at home. 

Be reunited with your StarSeed Family. 

Bring back and Activate your Gifts and Soul Path for this life time. 

On this Call I will be Guiding you on a Journey with Adama the High Priest of Lemuria my Lemurian Brother to TELOS the Lemurian Light Ascended Realm. 

Where you will be Guided to Celestial Golden Pyramid Light Temple which is a Portal for 

Multi-Dimensional Realms.

This includes Light Language Activations - Reconnecting with Guides and Access to StarSeed Realms.

I have taken Groups and individuals on this journey. Each person is unique and so each person's experience will be perfectly designed for their resonance and vibration. 

If you do not visually experience Journey's. This is not crucial.. As I will be a Trans Channelling for part of the Journey - which means I step out of the way and one of my Higher Ascended Guides steps in and it is their voice that will be Guiding us. Transmitting Sound Vibrations and Activations from the Higher Vibrational Realms. . I always say to my clients if you cannot see listen to the sounds - connect with your Heart Yearning Intention and then surrender let go allow yourself to receive. You will be receiving the Activations and and Downloads.. You can listen as you would a child to a story feeling the words and heart resonance. With some people I have found,  it can be later on that they experience images or connections either through dreams or messages or even visions. Sometimes we receive messages through the Natural Realm in form of Animals Birds and signs. We are so diverse and rich making up the Creative Tapestry there are many ways paths. . 

There are two exchanges. 

A. £10 is for the Live Journey and Recording 

B. £35 Live Journey Recording PLUS with Light Language

STARSEED ORIGIN Coded SYMBOL. This image will be encoded with High Vibrations so as to Activate and Anchor in the StarSeed Channel. It will act like an amplifier and focus for your Connection. 

If you have any questions queries do drop me aline at 

Booking & Exchange

The link below will take you to Eventbrite page.. Once there you can choose either of the options. 

Once you have booked I will send you the link via email. 

Zoom is free and you do not need to join. Just click on the link.


Temple Training

Remembering Our Divine Mystery

Divine Light Temple School

TWO Saturday 3 hour Each Afternoons   
Sliding Scale for each session. 


To book see Link to EventBrite below

Venue: Highgate Library & Civic Centre London 

13th April AND 27th April

13th April in the Land working with Kundalini Dragon

And Golden Pyramid Activations

£15 to £20

27th April will be based inside. 

Sacred Circle ending with 


£20 to £30

This is a Calling to all who wish to explore 

being in Ceremonial Space.

 Experience for all Divine Ones interested in 

co-creating New Earth.

 Birthing New Earth. With Gaia. Calling in the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within us All.  Embodying Mastery with Co-Creating Ceremony and Ritual. 

Divine Feminine Kundalini Remembering. Heart Gaia Grids. Multi-Dimensional Pyramid.  Shamanic Awakening.  Devotional Heart Alchemy. Dragon and Mastery Being Avatars. Grail Temple Activation. Channelling Divine through Sounding Movement Drumming.  LightLanguage Activations. 

Past Lives and Soul Heart Retrievals.

I will lead the start of each session and then enable support others to co-create co-lead when called.

I will be drawing on my Time of Priestessing in this lifetime, being guided by my Guides and previous Life Experiences. 

This will be Co-Creating a Temple. Rituals. Ceremony.

 It will be a place to explore expand stretch those Divine Wings.

In a Safe Nurturing Space.


Temple Booking

Temple workshop on Land - 13th April 2pm to 5pm

Book in ADVANCE ONLY - £15 TO £20 Sliding Scale

Temple 1 booking

Temple workshop including Sounding Gong Bath - 27th April 3pm- 6pm

Book in ADVANCE ONLY - £20 to £30 sliding Scale

Temple 2 with Sounding Gong Bath Booking

Sound Voice Healing Training

Sound your Soul Note ~ Saturday 11th May ~ Highgate Library Civic & Cultural Centre £60 for Day Workshop ~. With Sounding Gong Bath


The Day Workshop is for those new and experienced in Sounding with the Voice. We will be held in Co-Creative Sacred Space. A nuturing place to explore our Unique Soul Sounding. 

We all have a Voice for ALL is Energy. ALL is SOUND. It is our natural state of Being. 

To BE with the Ancients Ascended Ones and our Past Soul Selves Embodied.

My journey of remembering has given me tools skills teachings approaches key to support others in unlocking that which is all our Divine Expression.

Gaia is calling all of us to Sound our Divine Soul Note. 

I have taught many workshops over the years and this is the one that brings SO much joy release and Healing. It is an uplifting enlightening empowering experience. For we will experience and share in Sounding our Soul note.

The day will be a mixture of Sounding in Circle with Drums Bowls. Guided Journeys.

There will be Sound LightLanguage Clearing Activations. Movement. Chakra Clearing. 

We will embody our own Sounding Soul Note Vibrations. Opening our Hearts to the Voice Energy Resonances Language of Light Vibrations ~ of Divine Ascended Ones Spirit Guides of the Interstellar Galactic Multiverses ~ Connected to Gaia.

We will end the day with Sounding to Support Healing.

No prior experience is needed. Just an open head and heart with a desire to remember reconnect to your Divine Resonance. 

If you have any questions do drop me a line. 

The event will be at a lovely venue which is self contained. Close to Parliament Hill School and Highgate Cemetery. 

Lunch will not be provided please bring food to share.


To Book

Day Retreat

25th May - Hampstead London - 10am to 5:30pm

Divine Unity ~ Sacred Feminine Sacred Masculine. Day Retreat Remembering our Spirit Heart Connection with Ourselves each other and Gaia in Unity Consciousness. 

Shamanic Spirit Walk with Kundalini Power Place in the Land. Dragon Flow Yoga Movement and Sound Gong Bath. 

Elizabeth Rudwick Interstellar Shaman Artist of Sacred Vision and Sound will be joined 

by Nicola Glenn of Higher Power Arts Yoga ( ) to bring a very 

unique day in the Heart of London. 

2019 is the year of 3 of Manifestation and Empowerment. This is the Year we are being given the opportunity to release all that has held us back from being our fullest selves. So we can truly Shine and Sound our Soul Notes. With Gaia giving full expression Joy and love to Divine Creation. All is in Union and Unity. Divine Beauty. 

We are at a momentous time where we are all being given the opportunity to shift into remembering who we truly are. Embracing our Divine Unity with one another with all. We are all thawing our hearts. We are being given the opportunity to experience this Space of unconditional Love beyond the scripts that have previously held us small in the 'fog of forgetting'. We are taking the leap into remembering we are each a Divine Spark part of the Cosmic Flame Source of All that is. We are reflections of each other. 

We are Co-Creating Life. 

On the day we will be diving back into the Heart of Mother Earth. In the morning we will connect with the Sacred Power Portal Point on Hampstead Heath that resonates with Kundalini Energy and Anchors a Golden Pyramid for the whole of London. This is a major Earth Heart chakra point (acupuncture point) for Gaia and so has the potential to realign all our Energy Centres Chakras and raise our Vibration. Kundalini Energy is the Divine Dragon Source Energy. When we are in flow with the Dragon Energy we clear our system of outdated heavy energies and mental scripts patterns, so we can resonate with our souls whole heartedly. The divisions in ourselves and between each dissolved. We are CommUNITY. 

After Lunch. In the afternoon we will go to the lovely Highgate Library Civic and Cultural Centre.

Nicola will lead into the afternoon with Yoga. 

Within us all are the feminine and masculine energies of Yin and Yang. 

Beginning with gentle Yin postures we will go deep into our bodies opening and releasing any blocks in the flow of our Prana or Chi.  We will then begin to breathe and move into Yang energy, building heat in our bodies in the playful and warming Dragon Flow, harmonising the elements of feminine and masculine within us all.  

The movements of our bodies will move just like the Dragon, opening our wings, twisting in flight, diving down and swinging tails, finally taking flight.   

Dragon energy will rise within us, opening and expanding our hearts and consciousness as we move together in unity with our breath and intention.  We will gently float back down to Earth, to continue expanding our hearts in Yin in readiness for Elizabeth’s Sound Healing will complete the day with a Sounding Bath with Gong and Channelled Singing with Light Language.

In Love and Creation.

We remember all of us hold the Divine Spark

Lightly Delicately Deeply.

We remember the Heart Hearth Shines even in the darkest times

Bringing all together in CommUnity

We Shine Reflect Divine Light for Each Other.








Exchange for the day is £60 book in Advance with Eventbrite see link below.


Awakened to our Souls Calling

We are Divinity

In Physical Form

Born of Gaia 

Hearts Birthed from the Sun

Dancing in the Web of Creation

Hearing Gaia's Call for Healing

Feeling the Shift to live Authentic Lives

Truly as Co~Creators

A way of Being that holds Joyful LIght

Shining the Way forward

Sensing Celestial Beings focusing their

Energies to Mother Earth for Healing

Remembering past lives we were 

Healers Artists Seers Story Keepers 

Now is the Time to gather 

Meet in Sacred Space

Shine our Light 

Awaken. Remember 

Celebrate come together 

Healing of All.

Being our True Selves.

Awakened to our 

Souls Calling.

All images by Elizabeth Rudwick