Images of Sacred Sites by Zahara Celestial ~ Elizabeth Rudwick - more on 'About Us' 

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"Straigthaway, I felt completely at ease with Elizabeth. She has a gentle and down to earth loving energy. I was totally amazed at the power of the healing I received from Elizabeth and all the different energies she brought through with her singing and toning. I felt like I had been round the whole planet and to other galaxies. Elizabeth was also able to tell me about my personal karma and what she told me was confirmed two days later.  I know that she has removed something within me which had been there since the age of 3, which was hindering my progress. I am really excited to see what happens in the coming weeks. 

Thank you Elizabeth." Nathalie

"Elizabeth is a very talented Sound Healer and Channeller''  Veronique

"I can’t seem to find adequate words to express the incredible effect being in Elizabeth’s presence has had on me. What Elizabeth offers is completely unique and divinely beautiful. A modest, warm sweet woman, I’m not sure anything can prepare you for the magic and power of her voice: pure, raw, authentic, celestial. Her vocal range is that of an operatic soprano and she is not a trained singer. She guides you with the vibrations of a gong, her voice, Lemurian crystals - on a journey into your soul, the sounds she channels knocks on the door of your inner intrigue, tickles your insides awake and you start to open and make way for new ideas and possibilities. She is the master of holding space whether 1:1 or in a group, for you to feel what you need to feel and then holds you while you release" Natasha

"Elizabeth is a Healers Healer" Angel

" Elizabeth is an open hearted caring healer. The way Elizabeth uses sound is something I have never experienced before and it has a profound effect on me, I could feel my vibration shifting while I lay surrounding to the sounds shifts the different tones had. I have been working on my heart chakra for two years and still getting some pain, the next day i woke up with a clear heart than ever before and my chi was flowing more powerfully. Elizabeth is fun, loving and gentle and i am grateful for the shift caused by my time with her". Vanessa

"Amazing!" Regina

"Elizabeth is such a beautiful being - so heart led. And her singing and sounding is extraordinary.

It transports you to places you have long ago known and to where your Soul is needing to go'' Jess

"Fabulous! It was truly relaxing and I felt the energies vibrations'' Saundra

"Elizabeth is a natural healer. I can feel that her gifts have stayed with her through many timelines and only strengthen. I journeyed with her in my mind and in my heart to landscapes of Scotland Norway Iceland and beyond and I could feel the wind and hear the sea and smell the land. I could sense the spirits of the ancient ones who guided her voice and song to heal. I knew that something was shifting for me on such a deep level I could only feel joy and an all encompassing Love and Oneness." Nicola

1:1 Spiritual Awakening

I offer 1:1 combined Healing package. Every person's journey is unique and so will resonate with specific Healing modalities depending on who and where they are.  Healing is a journey of Spiritual Awakening and one that needs to be held in a respectful space.  For the emerging Soul is delicate and requires time to unfold. With new clients the first session includes an assessment of your healing requirements. If after the initial assessment sessions it is clear that you need to journey deeply I ask Clients to commit to 4 further sessions and then we review the arrangement.

Bank Transfer payments must be made minimum of 48 hours prior to the session. Cash at the session.

A full Cancellation fee will apply for less then 24 hours notice without exceptional circumstances.

Each session is tailored to every person's needs I draw on this wide range of approaches:-

Channelled Light Language - Song Voice Healing

Sound Healing including - Gong - Chimes - Bowls - Sounding Forks - Drums - Flute - Monochord

Spiritual Psychic Counselling - Guidance Teaching

Ascension Work - Kundalini Awakening

Interstellar Past Lives  - Soul Retrieval - Star Seed Origins - Akashic Record Healing

Ancestral - Past Life Healing -  Spirit Release - Contracts Energy and Chords release

Shamanic Healing Journey work - Inner Child and Past lives - Soul and Spirit Guides Retrieval

Divine Source Healing - Crystal Healing - Angelic Ascended Masters - Reiki Master Healing

Please go to 'Free Resources' page for Youtube Videos for more on my approach

1:1 in Person or Online Session

I offer 1:1 in person and remote long distance healing via phone or Zoom

I work Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday Saturday.
You can see my availability when booking online 

80 minute session - £80

Book Four 80 Minute Sessions in a Block - £300 - 

Message me for details of payment and to Book Sessions.

Intensive - Soul Retrieval ~ Spirit Release ~ Shamanic Training 

90 min to 2 Hour Intensive - £125.00




Channelled Soul Spirit Portraits

Please see below 2 Options.


StarSeed Soul Portrait LightLanguage Image

Channelled Light Language Coded Image

It is with joy and love that I have been gifted the skills to be of Service to channel light encoded 

Images of StarSeeds and EarthSeeds Soul Portraits. 

Each one is hand drawn on high quality Water Colour Paper with pencil and pens. 

Each image can take up to 3 days to complete.

The images will have Soul Parts, Past Lives

 Ascended Guides and Spirit Power Guides that area calling you to attune with at this time.

To be in commUNITY so you can acknowledge attune empower and celebrate your Gifts. 

'Sound your Soul Note' and highest Spirit Heart Path intention.

The image will be completed in Sacred Attunement with LightLanguage Codes 

activating the image. 

For this image I only need your email, address, name, date of birth 

and recent photograph of you.

The image will be completed by 2 weeks. 

I will send a photograph of the image via email along with the downloads 

and messages that I would have received when completing the image.

If there is specific LightLanguage Sounding I will also send a recording MP3.

You will also receive the hard copy via post.

Below is an option for a 1:1 Plus StarSeed Soul Portrait


The Exchange is payable in advance.

£111. You can book below and pay or do contact me if you have any questions.


Star Seed Soul Portrait Lightlanguage Image with 1:1

Image plus 1:1 via Zoom

Information on Images see above.

For this option I like to book the 1:1 prior to completing the Image.

Due to my schedule it can take 2 weeks for the image to be completed.

For more examples of my Channelled Images please see below.


There are 2 Options for payment. 

The Exchange is £191.

Pay the total amount or pay with two instalments.

Both options are in the tab below.

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