Sounds of Light



We are Divine Light in Physical Form. 

It is our Time to Shine 

For We ARE.

In Beauty We ARE.

Born of Gaia. Hearts Birthed from the Sun. 

Dancing the Cosmic Web of Creation

The Sacred Golden HUM OM

Hearing Gaia's Call to Shift to live Authentically

A way of Being that holds Joyful Light

Shining the Way forward. 

Each in our own Uniqueness.

Sensually we are Waking Up

Feeling Celestial Beings focusing their

Support Love Energy as Gaia Evolves. 

Remembering ALL our lives here NOW 

As Alchemists Wayshowers 

ALL Teachers of Love 

Artists Seers Story Keepers

Co-Creators of the Life our Hearts Dream

Now is the Time as we gather 

With our Soul Star Family Guides

Meeting in Sacred Space 

Our Bodies Temples

 HERE NOW We Shine our Light 

Awaken. Remember. 

Celebrating coming together 

Being our True Selves We empower for all.

Awakened to ALL our Souls Calling.



All writing images sounding created copyright of 

Zahara Elizabeth Celestial 

With Love Delight Peace Joy


Soul Calling

I celebrate I honour all who are embracing our true Nature as Open Hearted Warriors of Love

It is our natural state of being ness. To be In-Love awareness. When we are met with challenges either physical emotional mental psychological it is a sign that our Heart Soul is Calling us to be in this Heart Expanded Abundant Space. Gaia and the Celestial Divine Source is supporting us as we feel the layers holding us back from being our True Potential. So more  of us are experiencing dis-ease unrest. With situations either home work relationships being strained or ending. 

More of us are experiencing sensations emotions that cannot be purely understood or explained. Even if we find labels reasons we know that there is more. 

More of us are feeling the desire to do something different and are asking what could that be?  

Is there another way? And at the same time this is asking us to connect with that which has remained hidden deeply the Diamond is buried. Safely waiting to be revealed. 

We feel the desire to be in communion with the Divine Beings and Spirit world. We dream of a simpler life. We dream of being in Nature not just on Holidays at the weekends. We feel our Hearts Yearning Calling to be enjoyment - in joy meant. We have a sense we have gifts skills and know that each one of us is unique so we are meant to be here for a Soul Divine Purpose. 

We feel this in our Hearts. 

Some of us might have a sense of other lives time places but do not know how where or why. Some of us might have had visions dreams that we have not shared. Maybe since a child we did not feel we belong and we felt we were 'different'. 

Some of us had experiences of Magical places and beings and then this too was hidden. 

More and more of us are Hearing Sensing Feeling the Call to Awaken. 

For there is so much more and it is time. It is our Time to be the Life we want to see. 

Can we dare to believe we have so much to give unique Voices unique Gifts. 

Maybe our way is not the same as others what then?

If we dare to be with the unknown will we be supported will we be alone?

Are they're ways to take the leap into the unknown?

We are enough perfect in our imperfections.

 For our Journey is our Soul Experiencing Spirit in our Bodies. 

We are Learning and Co-Creating.. 

There is a deeper lighter purpose meaning of why we are here. 

All that we seek is within and we are supported in more ways than we have felt or imagined. 

We are held by Divine Love within and from Guides, Ascended Light Beings, Magical Celestial Realms, and with a Community of Spiritual Explorers.

It is our Time to BE create the world our Heart imagines. We are ALL needed!

If this resonates with your journey I would love to hear from you.

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