Sounds of Light



We are Divine Light in Physical Form. 

It is our time to Shine 

Heaven on Earth 

For We ARE.

In Beauty We ARE


Soul Calling

I celebrate honour all of us embracing our Nature as Open Hearted Multi-Dimensional Beings of Love

It is our natural state of being ness to be In-Love awareness. 

We are in exciting times this the 

Time of Aquarius - Ascension Awakening 

 Crystalline Unity Consciousness - Collective Kundalini Awakening 

New Earth - 5 Dimensional Earth. 

Whether you are experienced with these terms or this sounds relatively new. 

We are all of us on our own unique journeys together. 

We are all remembering rediscovering how to be within our Soul Resonance. 

As more of us move through this process this is supporting each one of us to Awaken.

We are feeling the desire to do be more.

Growing beyond that which is familiar is the Divine Calling to ALL of us. 

At this time we are feeling the desire to be more in communion with the Divine Beings and Spirit. And whether we are familiar with working with a Team of Spiritual Guides or this is new. 

We are being Divinely asked to experience explore not just how Humans are connected to Spiritual  Gaia and Beings Realms such as the Faery Realms or Past Lives or Angelic Ascended Masters. 

We are being invited to experience profoundly deeply lightly intimately

 Our connection with other Planets Star Systems Dimensions and Galactic Star Ascended Beings of Light with Gaia with Divine Source in Cosmic Unity . 

We are Awakening to all this and so much more. 

It is our Time to be the Life we want to see. 

Sharing our Unique Voices Gifts.

Co-Creating Heaven on Earth.

If this resonates with your journey I would love to hear from you.

It would be honour privilege joy to be a Guide on this part of your journey.

I offer Group Work Online and 1:1

From short LightLanguge Channelled Activations to more in-depth 1:1

Guided Journey Activation

New Ascension Courses

All Images channelled by Zahara elizabeth celestial


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All Images by Zahara Elizabeth Celestial ~ Sounds of Light

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